2 Great Meals: Where to Eat in Newcastle NSW

Posted on 20 April 2015


To say that Newcastle is a diner’s dream place would be an understatement. A number of restaurants and bistros here boast a unique eating experience, competitive price, and fabulous food and wine selections.

When you’re in Newcastle, you don’t have to search too hard to find impeccably fresh seafood because New South Wales has easy access to an abundant supply of succulent squids, prawns, scallops, and more. Meanwhile, Hunter Valley is replete with great varieties of wine kept in superb cellars.

It’s no wonder why many tourists and Australians flock to Newcastle, NSW to have a feast of the finest wines and the freshest seafoods.

But knowing where to eat in Newcastle can mean the difference between an awesome and a poor dining experience. Here’s a quick guide to two main meals you’d probably want to try to start right with your gastronomic tour:

Looking for lunch and dinner with a zing?

Singapore Chilli King Prawn

You seriously need to try the drool-worthy Singapore Chilli King Prawns, special oyster and vegetable stew, and some generous servings of fried rice to gratify your cravings.

This treat will help you keep going throughout the day – whether you prefer to work, shop, or stroll around the city.

If you missed lunch, don’t you worry.

Dinner specials such as King Prawn Ginger & Shallot and Tom Yum topped with King Prawn are guaranteed to give you an evening of pure gustatory pleasure.

Your mouth will water just by staring at these bright orange dishes and smelling their seductive aromas.

So where can you find these fantastic seafood dishes and chill with your mates over a bottle of wine?

If you want a good time and a happy stomach, it’s time you visit the Newcastle Diggers Club – every local knows this as the friendliest club in town. Here you can have drink or two with your friends while we keep you entertained with lots of activities and surprises. Most importantly, you don’t get to leave the place without a memorable eating experience.

Brunch and Dinner: A Guide to Where to Eat in Newcastle

Always search for 5-star rating (on scores on doors) – this is your first (or “only”) hint of quality.

Not only will you be served with delectable seafood delicacies from Asian cuisine, you also get an assurance that everything you eat from the plate is safe and of high quality.

Steven’s Asian kitchen has mastered the secrets to irresistibly beautiful, tasty and healthy seafood dishes Asia is proud of. It is really simple but not quite every restaurant can promise freshness. At Steven’s, they never serve anything that’s not “fresh”.

No matter how you decorate the plate or season the food, if the ingredients are not fresh, the dishes will leave a bad taste in your mouth (literally and figuratively speaking). We know how critical it is to source the freshest ingredients for the best dining experience.

If you happen to have allergies or some medical conditions and you have to avoid prawn, squids or other seafoods, Steven’s has a wide array of awesome dishes you can try. Visit the online menu to check which food you can safely enjoy. There are many Thai, Malay, Mongolian, or Chinese delicacies you can choose from – feel free to choose which meals suit your mood, appetite and budget.

Reserve a seat if you don’t want any hassle later on.