Top Three Asian Noodles You Need in Your Life

Posted on 03 September 2015

When you’re having a busy weeknight, you just want to grab the easiest food available.

Hold on a sec. You don’t have to sacrifice your healthy and tasty diet if you’re pressed for time. Asian noodles shall come to your rescue.

But before we talk about the best noodles to slurp, quickly go over the news about how healthy you are. It never hurts to read health reminders once in a while – especially when they matter to our lives and to those we care about.

Many Aussies fared poorly on the test, by choosing to munch on junk foods rather than veggies and fruits. There’s an easy way out of the “processed” or “fast” food trap: replace them with better options.

Asian noodle dishes rank high on the list of healthy options. Consumed in moderation, they make an excellent source of carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals. And the great news is that these savoury noodles come at painless prices (about $10-$15 for each serving).

In no particular order, here are the three of the widely popular noodle dishes of Asia you need right now:

1. Chow Mein Dishes


Stir-fried wheat or egg noodles with choices of meat or seafood and lots of vegetables, Chow mein makes a complete, healthy, and interesting meal. Considering the sheer number of people (Chinese or not) having this dish daily, you will quickly assume it’s the most famous Asian dish. Although traditionally served in parties, you don’t have to wait for someone’s next birthday to chow down on chow mein. If you haven’t tried some, you would be raving about it once you do.

2. Veggie and Hokkien Noodle


The more colours you see on your plate or bowl, the healthier it will be. Lucky for you, Malaysians or Singaporeans play around with colourful veggies to put as much variety and nutrients on their hokkien noodles. Your 5-a-day serve of veggies is easy with the generous toppings of bok choy, bean sprouts, broccoli, capsicum, and carrots. With these nutritious ingredients, a hearty serving, and slurp-worthy noodles, this dish deserves your attention (and justifies your addiction).

3. Korean Udon Noodles


Vegans rave about South Korea’s simple yet scrumptious dish: the udon noodles. It may not be the trendiest choice among the three but it doesn’t mean it’s inferior to the rest. Some love to soak udon in a rich broth while some prefer to lightly season them with soy sauce. Nevertheless, each tastes remarkable especially if you love to knead the noodles by yourself. But since your schedule is pretty hectic, you can skip the kneading and order one for dine-in or to-go. You will never regret it.

As long as you desire to live a healthier life, you can always find easy ways to eat your way to it. Knowing three of the best Asian noodles in Newcastle will give you a sense of relief and appease your guilt for those nights you can’t prepare your own meal at home.

Don’t forget that Steven’s Asian Kitchen offers all these fantastic noodles for dine-in or takeaway.

Have you visited the bistro lately? If so, we would really love to get your feedback about the restaurant so we can serve you better.

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