How to Spot a Kid Friendly Restaurant in Newcastle

Posted on 08 September 2014

A child starts crying as soon as his mom stops feeding him.

Meanwhile, a toddler on the other table keeps throwing away his food from his high chair.

We’ve all seen these – and we can’t help but feel sorry for the poor mom or dad who has to tame these kiddie dining tantrums.

Fortunately, families can now find a restaurant in Newcastle kid-friendly enough to consider the child customers’ needs.

Kid friendly restaurant

Find a Kid friendly Restaurant in Newcastle

From spacious playgrounds to kid’s menus to children’s books, several restaurants in Newcastle make an effort to offer a wholesome family dining experience. So when it’s family day and you decide to eat out with kids, you’d always be looking for a pleasant mix: a child friendly restaurant that’s fun for parents, too.

Here are a few things you need to check before you choose where to eat in Newcastle NSW with your kids:

  • Food Choices – Exploring gourmet food from international cuisines with your children is one of the finest gifts you could give them. Not only are Asian cuisines exquisite and exotic in flavours and aroma, they are also healthy eating options for your kids. Feeding your children nutritious food even when dining out is every parent’s priority. Forget about hot dogs or french fries, treat your kid’s palate to a savoury and nourishing meal.

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  • Restaurant layout –  Whether it’s a fine dining restaurant in Newcastle East or a casual dining restaurant in Newcastle West, the layout matters. Is there enough space to let your child loose?  A toddler friendly restaurant should allot a safe, spacious and fun area for kids to play. Of course, it also helps to remind your children on proper dining behaviours with a promise to reward them of future gastronomical trips.
  • Design and Ambience – Ever found a relaxing dining venue with kid’s mind? Dining out has been pointed out as a common source of stress for parents. Moms are busy making sure that their kids are not bothering other diners. There’s a restaurant in Newcastle kid friendly enough to tolerate, anticipate, and plan for classic childish meltdowns. Waiters and staff in the best eating areas are good at regulating these unpleasant behaviours. Also, consider ringing the restaurant to ask whether it is busy or totally silent- an ambient bustle often helps drown the noise from very excited kids.

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  • Watch out for No-kids policies – Some dining venues may restrict access for kids so it is good to ask. These dining places cater to adult customers so they absolutely do not allow the presence of children. At times, you have to use discretion when picking places to eat in Newcastle, NSW, especially when you don’t want to expose your children to scenes and sights they are way too young to understand or interpret correctly.

Kid-friendly dining is possible when you choose the right restaurant in Newcastle – weekdays or on weekends. Take note of these items the next time you eat out with the littlies.

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