Unraveling the Secrets to Finger-Licking Pork Ribs

Posted on 09 February 2015

Succulent pork ribs drizzled with superbly rich sauce could be my all-time favourite dish. This auspicious delicacy is a classic crowd-pleaser at every feasting table. It’s what I look forward to eating at every special occasion.

How about you?

I’m sure you are most familiar with this aromatic, flavourful, and fall-of-the-bone portion of pork. Outside, the meat is red or brown and incredibly tasty but inside, it’s delightfully tender that it seems to melt in your mouth. A meatless diet is unthinkable once you’ve tried it.

Asian Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs: European, American or Asian?

To whom do we owe these irresistibly delicious pork ribs? Some say the tradition of eating pork started with the Romans. They loved to gorge on pork’s appetising portions. Others believe it’s of American origin.

My friend, meanwhile, is convinced that pork ribs are from America. He insisted that they couldn’t have come from Asia because Asians are generally vegetarians. However, this is nothing but a common misconception.

Americans enjoy pork ribs, that I know. Also, I agree that ancient Romans loved just about any juicy meat you put on their platter. Yet for Chinese, pork is the king of all their meats. Don’t believe me?

Skillful Chinese chefs can turn any part of a pig (e.g. snout, internal organs, tails, etc.) into a magnificent dish. They even roast it whole. Does roasted suckling pig ring a bell? A counterpart of this in America is the Thanksgiving turkey.

If pork gets this much attention in China, you can surmise that they take the meat more seriously than any other nations.

The Secrets to Insanely Good Pork Ribs

Do you like your spare or baby back pork ribs smoked, grilled or baked? However you like it cooked, the marinade would remain as its defining character.

Hence, marinate it right and you’re halfway to creating a perfect pork ribs dish everyone will rave over for weeks.

We are captivated by aromatic, well-seasoned, and tender pork ribs at restaurants – and for good reasons. Their brilliant chefs have demystified the secrets behind this dish:

(1) well-selected marinade ingredients;

(2) fresh meat from a well-fed pig; and,

(3) masterful preparation and cooking techniques.

For trained cooks, this dish would be effortless to make. But for someone who rarely handles cooking utensils, this will be a bit of a challenge. If you aren’t confident about managing your time, the meat, and the marinating ingredients, then it’s in your best interest to search for someone who can make it for you.

Exercise caution: Always Look for Scores on Doors When Eating Out

If you’re like me – a foodie who lacks culinary gift or mastery – you’d find that pork ribs are easy to enjoy but difficult to make all by yourself. That’s forgivable. And the possible practical solution is to look for a place that serves it well.

Before you decide to dine out  or order takeaway food at any restaurant, make sure you check the Scores on Doors.

With news of food poisoning from contaminated or undercooked pork meat, you’d better be careful. Run away from restaurants that have pending scores on doors ratings. There are always better alternatives around.

This weekend, why don’t you treat yourself, your friends, or your family to a safe, delicious serving of pork ribs? You can have this dish as a main course in a popular Asian-Australian bistro around Newcastle, Australia.

Steven’s Asian Kitchen has been getting rave reviews about its awesome dishes as well as nods of approval for its five stars (excellent scores on doors) from food hygiene inspectors.

Now is the best time to unravel the secrets to the lip-smacking pork ribs I’ve been raving about.

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