Newcastle: GUINNESS World Record Holder for the Longest Line of Surfboards at Nobbys

Posted on 12 May 2015

Newcastle: GUINNESS World Record Holder for the Longest Line of Surfboards at Nobbys

More than 600 surfing enthusiasts of Newcastle made an attempt to beat a World Record and put their beloved city on the map.

Exactly 608 surfboards adorned the wonderful shoreline of Nobbys Beach to snatch the Guinness World title for the longest line of surfboards at 1,123.28 m (3,685 ft 3.53 in) last February.

The Novocastrians’ unfailing support has paid off: Newcastle is now officially a world record holder.

Participating surfers, ranging from very young children to quite elderly people, shouted with pride and jubilation after smashing the Guinness World Records on February 15th as part of Surfest initiative in cooperation with the City of Newcastle.

This was also a fantastic opportunity to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Surfest, the largest surfing festival in the Southern hemisphere where more than 800 Australians and international surfers have joined this year’s competition.

The organisers only needed 500 Novocastrians to join in order to break the record so the final count caught them by surprise because it had exceeded their expectations.

When measured from end to end, the surfboards line-up in Nobbys were 339.78 metres longer than the previous record holder at 783.5 metres for 398 surfboards at Noarlunga Beach in Adelaide, South Australia. This only proves that surf and beach culture thrives in Australia.

Surfing is written in  the DNA and flowing in the blood of most Australians – yet only Newcastle locals have earned the most recent official recognition from the Guinness World Records.

To everyone who took part in this historic feat: Thank you and many congratulations for the successful Guinness World Record attempt!