What’s On: 5 Newcastle Early Evening Activities You’ll Love

Posted on 09 July 2016

In Newcastle, an early evening stroll is often hindered by windy or rainy weather during winter. When you can’t go for a walk at the beach or park, what other stimulating and fun activities can you do after work hours? Here are five you might want to try.

Check what’s showing at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

magical ice festival newcastle

If you are looking forward to spending the early evening with your friends or family while watching  a great performance, music, or film, Newcastle Entertainment Centre has heaps of shows you can choose from. There’s still time to book for the Magical Ice Festival this Sunday at 6pm. It costs $48.50 to reserve a seat.

If you’re not a big fan of shows but an avid collector of trivia, visit NDC on Wednesdays.


Newcastle Diggers Club (Located in 175 Scott St, Newcastle, 2300) runs a Trivia Night every Wednesday at 7pm. All those amazing facts and interesting trivia you have collected over the years can now be put to use! You can come before seven to easily score a table at the Bistro and enjoy a drink and chat while you prepare for the mental battle.

Need to catch up with your reading? Hang out at the Newcastle Region Library.

Newcastle Region Library

Since the library closes at 8pm, you can still read for a good two hours if you arrive exactly at 6pm. One, two, three, or more great books a week can change your career or whole life for the better. If you stop seeing reading as a chore and start seeing it as a mind-expanding, immensely pleasurable activity, you’ll find it easy to make time for it. The library is a good venue to start cultivating this life-changing habit.

Pamper your spine and give yoga a try.

yoga for all

Keeping a sharp mind is as important as maintaining a strong body. Whether you’re standing or sitting during work hours, your spine might need some serious attention. The backaches you occasionally experience are simply your spine nagging, craving for some needed pampering. Choose from early evening yoga classes scheduled around 5pm or 7pm. You’ll thank yourself later.

Date your best friend to beat stress.

Newcastle Diggers Club Crowd

Almost every story we love involves a wonderful friendship. And what strengthens that bond more than sharing good food, drinks and long conversations? Research shows that hanging out with your closest friends can help reduce stress. Are you upset or feeling under pressure? It’s probably time to wine, dine, and chat with your best buddy.

You spend a lot of time and energy at work, now make sure you get the most out of your me-time.  How many of these awesome activities do you do regularly? Which one would you love to try?