Newcastle’s Best: Top 7 Sights and Attractions to Visit

Posted on 03 June 2016

From great indoor spaces to superb outdoor destinations, here are the best sights and spots to visit in Newcastle, NSW for tourists and locals alike.

The Best Sights and Spots in Newcastle, NSW

Anzac Memorial Bridge

Anzac Memorial Bridge Newcastle

Anzac Memorial Bridge Newcastle Australia. Photo courtesy of

Though it just officially opened last year, Newcastle’s Anzac Memorial Bridge (or Walk) now tops  the list of destinations guests and locals want to visit and revisit. The bridge spans 160 m while the total walk measures about 450m so walking back and forth can boost your fitness level. Health benefits aside, try to pay special attention to the inscribed family names of men and women who served the war (1914-1918) during your visit. The statues of these war heroes also present great photo ops.

Anzac Memorial Bridge Newcastle Australia

Anzac Memorial Bridge Newcastle Australia. Photo courtesy of

Visitors can also soak up in the spectacular view offered at this vantage point and marvel at the impressive use of stainless steel on the structure- an exquisite reminder of the city’s booming steelworks industry in the past.

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley Newcastle. Photo courtesy of

Fort Scratchley Newcastle. Photo courtesy of

Built in 1882 as a coastal defense fort to protect Newcastle against impending invasion, Fort Scratchley has been renovated since and was opened to the public as a museum in 2009. The Australian government did not skimp on restoring everything as correctly as possible so residents and guests can begin to see the past more vividly. Except for the paid tunnel tour (which you must never miss), everything you do around the fort is free of charge.


Bring along your loved ones and enjoy the fantastic view of the city and the beach after the free historical tour. If you’re lucky, you might chance upon the cannon firing.

Myall Lakes National Park

Broughton Island, Myall Lakes National Park.

Myall Lakes National Park Newcastle, Photo courtesy of

There’s always a reason to visit this national park whatever the season. Great for families, group of friends, or couples looking for a holiday spot for merry-making and cultural integration. In Autumn, it is less busy so go at this time if you don’t like the crowd.

Myall Lakes National Park Newcastle NSW

Myall Lakes National Park Newcastle. Photo courtesy of

If you’re longing to see the wildflowers bloom, come in Spring; but do come during Summer if you’re after dolphin watching; and if you’re itching to cross whale-watching on your bucket list, come around Winter in time for their yearly migration. For more info, visit

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, Photo courtesy of

Christ Church Cathedral. Photo courtesy of

We won’t disagree with you if you think the Christ Church Cathedral is the most beautiful example of Victorian Gothic revival architecture. Even non-religious visitors find peace and pleasure inside this amazingly restored church located on top of a hill. The church structure is a total delight for architects and non-architects alike.

Christ Church Cathedral  Newcastle NSW Australia

Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Photo courtesy of

Some couples get married at this church because of its splendid structure, glorious past and panoramic view overlooking the city of Newcastle. For bookings or further information, visit

King Edward Park

NCH  H2  History pic of old Newcastle bowling club site. 1st February 2011     pic    Darren Pateman

History pic of old Newcastle bowling club site.

One of the treasured green spaces in Newcastle is King Edward Park, a haven dedicated as a recreation reserve since 1863. It has a huge playground for children and adults alike who love rolling on the grass or playing ball games. Visitors will not be disappointed with the spectacular ocean view, coastline, even Norfolk island that will greet them upon entrance.

King Edward Park Australia

The park has barbecue areas, too, so bring your favorite meat and drinks for a one-of-a-kind picnic. The park has serviceable toilets for public use. Check out for more details.

Newcastle Museum

Newcastle Museum NSW

Newcastle Museum. Photo courtesy of

Come rainy days, don’t lock yourself or your kids inside the house – bring them to the rich world of Newcastle Museum. Children will love it and cherish you for bringing them here. They will be thrilled to view the exhibits of Tyrannosaurs and Deep Oceans. A trip here is also a quick and fantastic way to learn about Newcastle’s most significant historical moments. Whichever part of the museum you choose to explore, you will find something truly worth learning about.

Make it a habit to check for new exhibits and collections. Admission is free for general exhibition so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Glenrock Lagoon

Glenrock Lagoon Newcastle. Courtesy of

Glenrock Lagoon Newcastle. Courtesy of

A small coastal creek that exists 6,000 years ago, Glenrock Lagoon is a favourite among cycling and walking enthusiasts. As you explore the easy bush walks, you will spot rivers, waterfalls, and a great array of plants and animals – it’s like the ultimate outdoor date for families and couples alike. Biking and walking tracks are well-maintained so hikers and fitness buffs will truly enjoy every minute in this hidden gem.

Try swimming in the lagoon but don’t forget to bring a strong mosquito repellent for protection.

You could never see everything Newcastle has to offer so we stop at the seventh. Tell us what you think of this list.

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