Best Beaches in Newcastle, Australia

Posted on 10 September 2016

What beaches are in Newcastle? Will the beaches be open tomorrow? What beaches allow dogs?

Novocastrians are less likely to ask these questions. Anyone born and bred in Newcastle would easily know you’re a tourist or a foreigner if you don’t know these things. That’s because most of them know the top beaches (their official and unofficial names) in and around Newcastle. Yes, like the back of their hands.

So if you can find a local who can show you around this spectacular coastal (and port) city, you’re in luck! But while you search for a beach companion, here is a nifty list of Newcastle’s best beaches for swimming, surfing, sunbathing or just plain strolling.

Where to Surf, Stroll, and Sunbathe in Newcastle

1. Bar Beach

Bar Beach Newcastle

Traveling with your kids and looking for a splendid beach spot? At the South of Newcastle city center is a surfing break and fantastic family beach called the Bar Beach. Upon seeing the well-patrolled swimming areas and stunning rock pools of the beach, you will feel safe as your children explore the waters and swim to their heart’s content.

Visit to find out the lifeguard patrol times and opening hours of the beach. This spot is also a perfect vantage point to watch hang gliders taking off near Strzelecki Lookout.

2. Dixon Park Beach

Dixon Park Beach

Expect a magnificent rolling surf and plenty of breath-taking sightseeing opportunities at Dixon Park Beach. Safe swimming spots are also clearly marked and patrols monitor the safety of swimmers. It is also among Newcastle beaches where dogs are allowed to run and roam. It’s typical to see dog owners enjoy their coffee while their pets laze at the beach.

Some seniors look healthy and happy taking a walk with stunning Newcastle coast as a backdrop. Romantic couples and dating adults are a common sight during the evening and throughout the night.

3. Dudley Beach

Dudley  Beach Newcastle

Despite the amazing coastal view at Dudley Beach, this is not a trip fit for weak vehicles (due to the winding roads) and kids (due to nudity). Bring a good car and leave the children at home if you wish to explore this beach destination. The northern part of Dudley Beach is considered one of the unofficial nudist beaches in Newcastle area. This rumor aside, the natural bush growing near the beach makes Dudley Beach truly extraordinary.

It also has a friendly atmosphere so don’t be surprised if some groups invite you to play beach volleyball with them.

4. Horseshoe Beach

Are dogs allowed on Newcastle beaches? Horseshoe Beach answers ‘yes’. Humans and dogs deserve a slice of this paradise so the beach management allows puppies and fully grown canines to pop by or linger around here for a stroll or a quick dip.

Now you know where dogs and their doting owners go for an afternoon beach walk on weekdays and weekends. Spread the word about this dog-friendly beach in Newcastle NSW!

5. Merewether Beach

Merewether Beach Newcastle

Declared as a National Surfing Reserve in 2009 and this year’s venue for a world-class surfing competition (Surfest), Merewether Beach is among the best surf beaches in Newcastle, NSW that is not to be missed. This beach honed the world surfing champion, Mark Richards, who at the age of five, had been hooked to riding the playful waves off Merewether Beach.

School kids and working adults find time to surf here on a regular basis because of Merewether’s mesmerizing swells.

6. Newcastle Beach

Newcastle Beach Hunter Street

Conveniently located at the end of Hunter Street, Newcastle Beach is hard to miss and  quite impossible not to adore. The beach boasts fantastic waves and spectacular scenery perfect for active water sports and leisurely walks.

Swimmers and board riders lavish praises on this beach destination’s pristine waters and flawless waves.

7. Nobbys Beach

Visit Nobbys Beach before sunrise or sunset for a dramatic view of the seascape and the city. Newcastle families and tourists are happy to kill time watching talented surfers brave the waves. Colorful kite surfing is also a popular sports around here.

Some groups, however, are satisfied walking towards Nobby’s Lighthouse and marveling at Newcastle’s picturesque harbour. Plenty of bars and dining spaces serve tourists and locals after the beach exploration.

8. Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach New South Wales

Stockton Beach is New South Wales’s longest beach. Situated at the Southern end of Newcastle Bight, Stockton offers impressive views of the long stretch of sand and sand dunes from Stockton Bight to Port Stephens. Visitors can swim, surf, or fish around here. Be sure to stay within the clearly marked swimming areas to avoid the threat of strong, permanent rips.

Great swells and beach breaks make Stockton Beach an exciting destination for wave riders. If you have a 4WD, feel free to access the beach areas using the vehicle.

9. Newcastle Ocean Baths

Newcastle Ocean Baths

What can be more enticing than a Victorian Sea Bath? Newcastle Ocean Baths not only attract swimmers for the sake of dipping, it also intrigues curious travelers who admire enduring historic landmarks. Photographers fall in love with this place.

No wonder locals and tourists continue to flock here any season of the year.

10. Merewether Baths

Merewether Baths

Merewether Baths is a clear proof that Newcastle never runs out of surprises to treat families, groups, and couples. Located at the southern part of the Bather’s Way, this ocean bath is famous for its historical and striking construction. If you’re wondering whether people can swim here during winter, ask the Mackerels Winter Swimming Club and you’d be fascinated with their story! The hardy swimmers put ice blocks on this pool to make it cold enough for swimming. Crazy but true.

If you haven’t been to all these beaches, relax and visit these Newcastle beach spots now. Tell us which among these Newcastle beaches you think is best and why.

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