Asian Kitchen Menu: What You Need to Watch Out For

Posted on 06 December 2014


Taste test has become a buzzword these days.

Americans are trying out exotic dishes made from the Asian kitchen. Australians react to best-loved yet weird Asian foods. And the testers get confused with varying food verdicts.

Some surprisingly appreciate Asian delicacies. Some are not so delighted with the taste. Some don’t even try any of the Asian meals because they look ‘odd’. There’s absolutely no unanimous judgment.

But don’t get carried away. These are shows and articles designed to create a buzz. These mixed perspectives about extreme Asian food samples are simply for entertainment. Quite far from real, for sure.

The real issues every smart Asian kitchen explorer should worry about and watch out for are taste, nutrition, and hygiene.

These tests are far more practical, beneficial, even life-saving.

Asian Kitchen

The “Taste test”

There’s something for everyone from an Asian Kitchen. You can go for Thai foods if you prefer spicy and strong flavours (think Thai Green and Red Curry). You can have Chinese foods if you wish to titillate your taste buds with their famous five flavours: salty, sour, spicy, bitter, and sweet. Go for Malay cuisine if you have a penchant for a symphony of flavours (try Malaysian Laksa soup). Or, you may choose Korean foods to feed your appetite for colourful, spicy, and varied recipes.

Spend some time asking the restaurant crew about their specialty and best-selling dishes – you’d be surprised how helpful their recommendations can be.

The “Nutrition test”

Asia is blessed with rich natural resources and its people have developed a diet that includes mainly carbohydrates, fish, vegetables, and some red meat. Nourishing appetizers such as Tom Yum soup and sweet corn chicken soup will definitely please your palate and meet your dietary requirements. When searching for the most wholesome Asian food options, you should ask yourself about the nutritional benefits offered by each dish you pick.

Make this a common exercise every time you dine out so you can always get the best out of every meal you pay for. Quiz the restaurant’s dishes for their nutritional content – make this a fun decision-making process.

The “Hygiene test”

Food-borne illnesses come from ill-managed kitchens and improper food handling and preparations. You could be eating nefarious Asian meals without knowing it. You have no access to restaurant kitchens so you clearly have no clue whether they are clean and pathogens-free. Hygiene ratings are your shield from possible contamination lurking behind dirty kitchens of restaurants and takeaways. Every eatery must not only pass the hygiene test; it must earn excellent scores to be an acceptable dining option. Otherwise, it’s obviously not worth the risk- it’s best to look for other (safer) options elsewhere.

What if your meal failed one of these tests? Can’t you at least try it?

Most adventurous gastronomers would sometimes risk safety for the sake of great taste. Others don’t mind the bland flavours as long as the dish promises to deliver lots of nutritional benefits. But smart diners wouldn’t settle for less. If a meal fails these tests, they would look elsewhere to find the top scorers.

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