The Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Asian Dishes in Newcastle

Posted on 15 July 2016

It’s hard to believe that the best-tasting, gastronomically diverse Asian dishes are now available in Newcastle, Australia.

If you’re a foodie with exceptional taste buds, it’s so easy to get hooked to Asian food. Yet remember that not everyone is as keen as you are about Asian cuisine. Some need subtle persuasion to give it a try.

While you already know that stir-fry noodle, laksa, or a King Prawn dish are amazing, here are three compelling reasons you can use to get everyone else excited about an Asian food trip.

Asian Meals: Fresh, Fast and Packed with Flavours

It’s fresh-tasting.


Fresh Tasting Asian Dishes

China, Malaysia, and Thailand boast some of the world’s greatest cuisines.  The freshness of ingredients is paramount in Asian cooking. For instance, the secret to the succulent taste of Thai Green curry starts from the careful selection of the freshest ingredients, e.g.  basil leaves, coconut milk, and lime garnish. Similarly, renditions of mee goreng, tom yum goong, and stir-fried noodles will be less than perfect without the finest ingredients.

Speaking of stir-frying, Chinese chefs have mastered flinging fresh ingredients on a pan over high heat through the use of a wonderful round-bottomed cooking tool called wok.

It’s fast and healthy.


Fast and Healthy Asian Dish

Not including the time it takes to prepare the fresh ingredients, stir-frying can help preserve the essential nutrients of food. With this style of cooking, Asian food hounds can quickly get their order. Plus, the dish is likely healthy. If Asian restaurants follow the best cooking practices, they will only use fresh ingredients or whatever is in season when preparing the dishes.

In that case, rest assured that your dim sim is as hearty as promised.

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It’s tasty and delicious.


delicious asian dishes

Ever noticed the rich flavours of Pad Thai? It’s one of the most requested dishes at Steven’s Asian Bistro. And for a good reason: it’s superb and scrumptious! But if you try to DIY Pad Thai in your home kitchen, your head might spin. Have you seen its recipe? It’s bursting with flavours because of its long list of ingredients! It makes sense why smart diners prefer to buy it outside than prepare the complex Thai staple from home.

With these three reasons, no one would be able to resist the temptation of mouth-watering Asian food in Newcastle, Australia.

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